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Wealth Innovations: "IT'S ALL IN THE FAMILY."

Wealth Innovations’s mission is to stay committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you, our client.

Not many family-run financial services firms quote Albert Einstein. But then again, Wealth Innovations is not just any family-run financial services firm.


Meet the family:

James (Jim) LaNeave, managing director/father, Samuel ("Sam"), managing partner/son and Ashley, office manager/daughter. As for that Albert Einstein quote that the LaNeaves turn to for inspiration? "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile." 

That sentiment encapsulates the spirit of Wealth Innovations, a full-service, independent financial services business pledged to provide its clients with uncompromising loyalty and care by placing their best interests first. Whether a client’s needs involve retirement, insurance, Social Security or planning for unpredictable bumps in the road, the firm is positioned to guide all aspects of a client’s financial well-being.

Wealth Innovations' purpose is to stay committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you.

As Jim explains, "Samuel and I have the combined experience and broad access to world class, financial and insurance planning tools in helping our clients achieve their goals." And the LaNeave family can most decidedly put their proverbial money where their mouth is.

Jim is a veteran with 33 years' experience in the industry. Sam has 14 and Ashley adds an additional five, totaling to more than 50 years of experience.

The LaNeaves offer an intriguing mix of backgrounds. In 1983, Jim started as an underwriter at Aetna Life & Casualty before working as a financial advisor at Transamerica. Five years later, Jim took the bold step of hanging up his own shingle and, with a nod to his love of boating, has been his own skipper ever since.

As for Sam, a VMI graduate, he switched from a business/econ major to psychology.

"The idea of helping people solve problems seemed like a rewarding career, but the financial planning world eventually won out." Sam explains. “I could still help people solve problems, just a different set of problems." Post-college, Sam worked at Wachovia Securities in broker support and margin analysis while taking numerous classes. His hard work paid off: Sam earned his Series 7 and 66 securities licenses, as well as insurance licenses.

Determined to become a financial advisor, Sam moved on to Lincoln Financial/Sagemark Consulting. In 2009, Sam came on board with Wealth Innovations, ultimately assuming the role of managing partner. With a degree in computer science and film, Ashley brings a whole other skillset. After college, she tried her hand at film editing in between working as an administrator at various businesses throughout the country.

When her father invited Ashley to return home to run the office, she accepted. "After moving all around, I realized that Richmond was a really cool place," Ashley said. She proudly calls herself the “Paperwork Guru,” fully aware that both her dad and brother rely on her notable know-how to keep the "business" of the business humming.

Outside of work, the LaNeaves share a love of watersports and the Dallas Cowboys. Nodding to football, Sam says of Wealth Innovations, "We're like the quarterback; we strategize, we look at how all the pieces should fall into place, and we create a plan for winning." Imagine sitting down at a LaNeave family dinner with vegetarian Jim, paleotarian Sam and CrossFit enthusiast Ashley. But, no matter their disparate choices, they share a strong commitment to health and exercise. In short, they believe health matters — physical as well as financial.

Addressing health matters, Jim recalls the 74-year-old businessman who dared him to sell him a life insurance policy. Jim subsequently learned the man had been repeatedly refused because doctors believed his lifestyle made the man a walking time bomb. Jim pulled no punches. "I purposely put fear in his heart about his health," he recalled. The direct approach worked, and the man ran to his doctor. Turning his life around, the man suddenly found he had a future — as well as a $250,000 life insurance policy. And Jim had a grateful new client. "There's nothing better than to have someone call you and tell you that you saved his life." Today, three generations of that man's family are loyal Wealth Innovations clients.

Wealth Innovations delivers the best of both worlds: innovation and old-world service. Sam, who keeps abreast of the latest trends, notes, "Of all the people I've worked with, Dad's always been the most receptive to new ideas." Yet the firm is also traditional in that every client receives the utmost attention. "When I meet with a client, I have no time limit set for the appointment,” Jim says. “I don't back up one appointment with another", Sam adds. "Being able to take the time to educate and to communicate effectively is paramount."

A Richmond native, Jim finds himself inordinately grateful for his 38-year marriage to his wife, Judie, and his three wonderful children.
“The fact that two of them work with me is icing on the cake," he said. He also counts the thriving business that he started 28 years ago among his blessings. It gives him joy, it gives him purpose, and his children feel the same way. It is, indeed, all in the family.

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